Well, maybe not so much ranting as just talking but that doesn’t get the attention that saying I’m having a rant does. Basically I have visually merchandised in most every retail environment out there. This means I have painted and drawn on walls without getting arrested, have seen gaggles of mannequins naked (and am not impressed) and have the super power ability to make virtually anything out of a few cheap supplies. I use this knowledge to repurpose items, decorate my home and create art. I love fashion, I love home decor, I love over the top holiday displays (both at work and at home). I spend hours teaching myself new tools and techniques in art and in craft (not the same as arts and crafts BTW). I love to write and I love my Mac. This is the best way I can enjoy all of those things at once. Here I will talk about the things I created for work, show some of the things I’ve made and maybe throw in a few DIYs.


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