Today I was discussing this years Halloween set up and what projects lie ahead. I have already painted some bones onto some bodies, and taught everyone a technique to make scary tree branches so they could join in the fun. This years Halloween theme is a little more traditional scary-house than it’s been the past couple of years. Here are a few pics of my projects from years past:


Cards flying through the air.

ImageMummified heads.

ImageFrozen babies.

ImageA skeleton crow.

ImageA chandelier gone berserk.


ImageA Robot Skeleton Girl with glowing nucleus.

ImageTrompe l’oeil theater curtains.


ImageImageVarious trompe l’oeil “stage props”.

ImageOne big a** backdrop.

This year it seems I will have a lot more projects that require distressing and detailing rather than starting from scratch which will be fun! But I still get to build a few things that will keep me busy (skeleton chandelier sounds interesting…)

Here’s a sneak peek of some current projects:


So much fun, I can’t wait ’til we really gear up! We have a couple of weeks yet to work on projects before the big install. Time goes so fast…