After 2 weeks of set up and months of prep the Halloween Room is finally open.

Clowns are crazy scary! I couldn’t believe people actually used these “portraits” in their home.

Then my boss showed me a picture of him taken one Christmas during his childhood and there above the mantle was a clown portrait identical to one of these!

 Chains and rats, rats and chains…..and bonezzzzzz. You Tube reference…. anybody?

 Frozen Babies

And…. chains and rats.. oh never mind!

This guy is animated and talks. Prior to ending up on the staircase, he was in a vignette display that was created as a preview for the Halloween opening.

He has a motion sensor that makes him speak when someone approaches.

This was unknown to the older gentleman who was quietly looking at the display for a few moments and who jumped back and let out a startled yelp when Mortimer suddenly asked

“What are you looking at?! Haven’t you seen a dummy before? I’m sure you have, if you own a mirror!