Tomorrow is the big day, or actually night. The invitation-only Grand Opening Preview event, the first of two nights. There were pre-preview shoppers in today to look at the big ticket items and props they buy every year. They purchase today but can’t get the items until 2 weeks prior to Halloween or else the set up would be completely dismantled before we open.

I found out today that the owner hates Halloween and it took years to convince him to feature Halloween merchandise. There are obviously many people out there who are glad he finally came around judging by the average opening night numbers. I will have to work both nights to help with crowd control and finding back stock items. Crowd control because there are 3 doors and only one open to enter, the others are exit only. People are stationed at each door with radios to monitor the coming and goings so it isn’t too crowded. The worst problem is once they’re in, they don’t leave. This causes the people in line to get a little upset as they wait for their turn.

It should be a lot of fun and I will soon be able to post the pictures of the completed set up.

Stay tuned….